Brand, marketing and outreach expertise
for small to mid-sized businesses working
to make the world a better place.


We help organizations get crystal clear on their professional identity and target market so they can communicate a concise message and make an unmistakable impression. This is no small task, so we have created a process for developing strategic communication plans that build and sustain extraordinary brands.






Manifest Communication is known as a catalyst, a spark that ignites creative problem solving and turns ideas into action. This energy coupled with 20 years of industry experience and a talented network make us an ideal partner for your business, whether you are launching a new brand or taking your current one to the next level.



Our process starts by truly hearing what the client, its employees, community leaders, partners, vendors and colleagues have to say about their organization, its culture, brand, history and work. We clarify the vision and brand promise, assess customer satisfaction and future demand.


We then take this mass of information and synthesize it, massage it, sift through it until the cream rises to the top. We put on our best problem solving hats and strategically pull out the nuggets that represent the essence of the organization.


The nuggets are then transformed into well-crafted messages that convey the “story” of the organization in a way that resonates with each unique target market.


Our talented graphic artists translate the essence into visuals that tell the story without words. The logo, design scheme, colors and typography paint a picture of the organization.


With a strategic plan as our roadmap, we execute the marketing and outreach initiatives that will help achieve our client’s unique business goals.

“Rachel and her staff have transformed our marketing
and communication strategies, leading to dramatically
improved levels of connection with our membership.”

Terry Schalow – Executive Director, The Running Industry Association